What does the gesture with the right hand of the person sitting on the throne mean?

Maya goblet decorated with the picture of a nobleman raising his hand

This scene can be found on a Maya goblet used to drink cocoa and can be seen in the chocolate museum, Choco-Story, in Bruges.

The nobleman has just been given a cup of frothy cocoa and is lifting up his right hand.

Now we wonder what this gesture could possibly mean.

A recent New Year’s card will perhaps give us the answer.

Every year Mr Cortadellas, a writer and journalist from Barcelona, very kindly sends us a card for the New Year with some sort of philosophical message.

This year, he sent us a text all about the meaning of gestures made with the hands and what this symbolizes in the Indian culture.
The text mentions what are called “mudras” which are gestures and positions of the hands and they symbolize the fundamental concepts of Indian beliefs.

A person can use these gestures to concentrate strength, both for himself and for those who are watching.  

“Abbaya” is the position of the right hand when lifted with the palm facing forward and represents protection, benediction and does away with fear.