The Cocoa Development Fund

We should, once again, like to say a big thank you on behalf of Choco-Story and all those who are helped by the Cocoa Development Fund, to everyone who contributed to the fund on the occasion of the opening of our museum.

Every year Choco-Story donates 2.500 € to our fund

The aim of the fund is to help small cocoa farmers with new farming and marketing techniques.

Ongoing projects :

KAKAW : Photography book about the "Cacao Real" from Soconusco

The aim of the chocolate museum is to inform the general public all about the history of cocoa and chocolate and the benefits they offer.
The chocolate museum, Choco-Story, has for many years been aware of the problems faced by the families of peasant farmers who make their living from cocoa and it has created a “Cocoa Fund” whose activities, whilst modest due to its status as a museum, are dedicated to helping local projects.

An interest in the history and origins of cocoa in general, and more specifically in the area of Soconusco where “Royal Cocoa” was already being produced when the Aztecs ruled there, is the second reason why the management of the museum was convinced to participate in the publishing of this book (Writer : Tomas Abella).

May it help to save “Royal Cocoa” and the men, women and children who make their living from it.

Jorge Aguilar, president of CASFA, has kindly offered this very nice metate that he received from his grandmother to Choco-Story thanking for the cooperation.

The Cacao Fino San José project

This small but nice production unit is situated in San José near Tapachula in the south of Mexico.

Choco-Story will help this cooperative to produce fine chocolates that can be sold to be eaten and not just to be dissolved to make drinks.

Choco-Story sent them

  1. 100 macrolon moulds
  2. a marble plate to temper the chocolate
  3. aluminum foils to pack the chocolates as they are difficult to find locally


This project is proving to be slower to develop than we had hoped, but we are continuing with it
We will keep you informed as soon as something concrete happens

Cuba (see the Choco-Story website - countries).

The project which is advancing fastest is the building of a cocoa and chocolate museum and visitor centre in Baracoa This town is located in the south east of the island, Cuba's main cocoa farming area.

Choco-Story is helping establish a small museum with pictures and text on the history of cocoa and chocolate.

It will create the exhibition panels finance the display cabinets donate items for display : chocolate cups, chocolatières, moulds, etc.

The total cost is estimated to be 2.500 à 3.000.

In the frame of our decision to assist the creation of the chocolate shop-museum in Baracoa, Choco-Story has thanks to its Cocoa Development Fund, co financed together with Syntra Brussels a tempering machine.


In the Paria Peninsula the company Paria Chocolates produces chocolate.

They also have a small, but nice museum.
They provide help to local artisans to produce chocolate from the cocoa beans.

To help them Choco-Story has sent them 140 polycarbonate chocolate moulds.
Jorge Aguilar CASFA

Jorge Aguilar CASFA

San José

San José

San José

San José

San José

Photo of the exterior

Photo of the exterior

Shots of the interior

Shots of the interior